That Indian Monk's mentorship model is designed for Youths of all background, who are stuck or seeking alternatives for their current problems. We introduce problem-solving methods and techniques using Indic Values and Principles that anybody can apply in their daily lives through simple customized and self-reflective activities.

During this journey, you will explore the timeless wisdom contained within these texts, and learn how to apply it in the modern context in order to improve self-awareness, leadership values, relationships, and overall well-being. The program will consist of one-on-one meetings, where you will receive personalized guidance and support based on your needs and goals.

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Policy Research and Analysis

We believe that the current Policy making process needs a paradigm shift to effectively address today's complex issues. By incorporating Indic civilizational values and principles, we can create solutions that are inclusive, sustainable, and holistic.

Our approach shall be evidence-based, system thinking, driven by indic perspectives, to be carried forward by long-term visions and curating interdisciplinary solutions that contain economic, social, environmental, and cultural factors for holistic and impactful outcomes.

We'll do Policy research, and analysis, write policy briefs, and publish them in the form of reports, journals, articles, series of posts, mindmaps, infographics, videos, etc.

Public Speaking

Delivering talks on the topics listed below

  • Self- Leadership
  • Life Patterns
  • Understanding Micro-Macro
  • Anything that resonates to Self-Development

Many more...

The main agenda is to understand life through a fresh perspective and how to look at deeper aspects and not just the tip of the iceberg.

Brand Consulting

  • Organizational Analysis Frameworks
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Rebranding using Indic Perspectives
  • Organizational Environment
  • Mentoring & Training

Opinion Columns

To add Indic Lens to any subject/ event and see it through a different paradigm. I have previously published content at HufffPost, Thought Catalog, Thrive etc.

Podcast/ Interviews


  • Indic Media Lab

  • Project Arani

  • Mentorship

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